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I got this! Last week one of our sisters was being admitted into the ICU. She went into the ICU with a glucose level of 700. She did not know how dangerous it was. Our sister has cancer, and she did not realize how vomiting all night was putting her body and life in danger. That was a hard lesson for her to learn. Usually, she is in tune with her body and may have been in denial about the side-effects of chemotherapy. Our sister has breast cancer. She felt as though the gravity of her health was declining and caused physical limitations but kept on moving as if she was cancer-free. At this moment in the ER, our sister learned what it meant to be kind to BKTY. Being so used to going and going and not needing to rest, she did not realize that she needed to slow down. In her words, the concept of slowing down was too difficult to fathom.

In the ER, she decided at that moment that moving forward, she would listen to her body, letting it rest when needed, driving less, and eating better. Having cancer will force you to do so. While mentally, she is strong, she is still fragile than she realizes. It’s okay to be independent and ask for help. Our sister was gravely ill. And she is still in recovery. Startling her sons and family members and friends, she felt terrible for putting them in that situation and promised to do better moving forward. In every case, we can BKTY. This message was not to scare you about the side effects of chemotherapy. We intend to show that being kind to yourself can happen simply by listening to your body. Slow down.

“You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.” -Melissa Etheridge


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