Women are showing up and showing out these days. From the board rooms to managing a family of five, or merely traveling coast to coast making business presentations. The female is getting it done. Women are managing their careers and families. Those days of not having much to do are of the past. Nowadays, I have to schedule play dates for my six-year-old to make sure BUSY doesn’t win. I am at the helm of my ship, and it does not move unless I say so. My smartphone keeps me in tow and on top of the daily demands of life. What did we do before the days of Androids and iPhones? We had Blackberries lol.


I remind myself that being busy actually keeps me active and potentially can help eliminate some time in the gym. Not true, but it sounds good. A gym is a place I dread to go after a hard day of work (I love it secretly). A necessary evil. I feel equally invigorated as I so tired when I leave. I keep telling myself it’s okay to slow down from time to time.

“You have to be able to slow down enough to switch your focus away from all the ways things could be better, to know they already are. Katherine Ellison

 Let me tell you about a woman I know who is an expert at showing BUSY she is the Boss. This chic is the president of every club, volunteer of the breast cancer committee, she is the social chair queen. It’s not me, I promise. I learned the hard way that I can stay busy and not wear myself down.  Not all women are the same, though. Some women are determined to keep active, and they do too much. I am not suggesting that this type of lady resign from her position for community service. I am merely implying that you are the Boss, regardless if you are busy or not. Allow me to offer a plan of action on how to stop being busy all of the time. Take time for RR for yourself, by yourself. You can do it. 

“I use to pass every car on the highway. Now every car passes me. Marty Rubin


How to stop being busy all the time.

*Schedule downtime- Plan a trip to go wine tasting with a few friends at a local winery or bar

* Let some things go- You don’t have to join every club that pops on your local FB community page

*Realize that slowing down is necessary to stay healthy- When seasons change our immune systems weaken quickly. Even more so when we don’t get the proper rest the body needs to stay healthy and combat illness

*Revise your to-do list- stop adding things to your list that do not impact your life in a meaningful way

I guarantee you that if you want to be mentally healthy, the suggestions above will help. Only if you incorporate them. Besides, staying busy keeps your mind active no matter what you are doing. Your brain needs rest. 

 “Life itself is the best (and the only) timekeeper.  Rasheed Ogunlaru

I have another associate who is busy in her mind. Busyness can be a tricky state of mind. Imagine being caught in quicksand. The more you try to climb out, the more you get sucked down. When you stay busy, you are always on autopilot. My associate claims to be working because busyness is a socially acceptable excuse.  Women need to realize you are productive by doing more of what you enjoy.

Declutter your lifestyle.  Earn a badge of honor for doing one thing right!

Finally, there are those women who are always playing catchup. Not only are they overwhelmed, but they are also anxious. Doing everything is stressful. Focus on doing less by doing what is essential.

I suggest Busy people do these three things to gain control. 


1    Emphasize achievement over doing- always having tasks is a distraction from more important things in your life. Connect your work with the outcome, and you will feel more satisfied.

2    Make a list of all of your activities and rank them from 1-5. 1 being is not necessary and 5 is imperative. You are aiming for less. Everything is not a priority

3    Delegate some projects that are critical in your life. Assign some projects to other people. You know everyone’s social butterfly.

I don’t have all of the solutions, I need your help. What are some ways you combat being busy all of the time? We want to know your secrets.

“ Learn to pause …or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you. Doug King

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