About Me


Dr. Rechelle Nettles BSW, MAOM, DM believes that bios are stuffy. She wants to show women that we are invaluable and that we are too hard on ourselves. An Influencer, mom of two girls, with a background in nonprofit management and higher education. She decided to take things into her own hands to help women find solutions to simplify their life.

Dr. Rechelle, along with a tribe of everyday women, will provide a wide range of meal ideas, fashion tips, adding current trends, and ultimately show women how to BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Women Empowering Women.

Consideritdun team:  Our Village of women is committed to providing fresh ideas and solutions to everyday life challenges for women. The BKTY BLOG will consist of real-life opportunities for women to learn to show ourselves, love. Consideritdun is an online village for women who want solutions for getting things done.