Fashion Tips

Wardrobe Essentials

One of the best ways to feel your best is by building a wardrobe with timeless pieces and sharp new fashion trends. The task is knowing what to buy and for some, putting the pieces together,  so that you own the room when you walk in. There is nothing more attractive than a well -dressed woman with confidence. Not only will you look good in your foundation pieces, but we are also going to help you save money in the process and knowing how to invest in your wardrobe by purchasing quality pieces that never go out of style and know where to skimp. Let’s get started on the key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.

•    Quality pair of denim jeans- Jeans are an everyday staple, and we recommend that women have a least two pairs to keep in rotation for work, weekend excursions. A skinny pair of jeans in a dark wash and cropped or straight leg jean in a light wash.

•    A classic black blazer or Navy Blue- You can layer this look with any top. A good blazer will be worn to the office or a concert. It’s having about versatility.

•    A classic tote bag- laptop, makeup bag, and phone… You want a cute leather bag that will keep your daily essentials.

•    Sheik sunglasses-  Chances are you have several pairs of cheap sunglasses that you have misplaced a hundred times. Trash them all and invest in the classic aviator, or square or round glasses in a small or large frame.

•    Black and nude pumps- low or high pick your poison. 3 inches is comfortable for me.

•    A black leather jacket-  My favorite with a white t-shirt. Whether you buy a moto jacket or a zip-up, if you take care of it, you will get mileage out of the classic staple piece.

•    Ballet flats- There is nothing like splurging on the right ballet flat. Trust me, and it will be worth it in the long haul. My favorite is my Tory Burch shoes.

•    Black little dress-  the LBD Essential for the ultimate date night dress when you have nothing to wear. An LBD is a go piece when hanging out with friends.

•    Pencil skirt- my personal favorite regardless of what size you are 2-24. All the women look lovely in a pencil skirt.

•    Button-down white shirt- Thank me later! A white button-down shirt pops. You can dress it up or down by pairing it with your jeans or pencil skirt.

•    Gold or silver hoops- I have several pairs that I own. It depends on the mood. Will pair perfect with LBD and leather black moto jacket.

•    Seamless underwear- Underwear can be tricky; it can be your foe or best friend. It certainly my enemy. I have my favorite for every price point. Skims, Spanx, Flexees.

•    A Silk Blouse- This purchase will be worth every penny. You may choose a solid color, stripes, or floral print. Think work and happy hour.

•    Black booties- Rock these with anything. Especially with a dress or jeans.

•    Black ankle pants- These are a chic alternative to jeans

•    A White plain tee

•    A platform sneaker-